Bicknell Racing Products Pave The Way to the Clay Palace

10/2/2017 - 8:22:55 AM

One of the top manufacturers in the dirt industry is having what many would call a ‘record year.’ With over 730 wins and 50 tracks championships stacked up this year, Bicknell Racing Products is looking like a force to be reckoned with heading into Super DIRT Week at Oswego Speedway.

It’s no secret the dedication and determination Bicknell has. The stats don’t lie.

“It really has been an amazing year,” said Bicknell partner Bobby Slack. “It’s really thrilling to see the hard work pay off that all of our employees have put in. We have a great group.”

Between the factory and both the Canadian and American stores, Bicknell has 45-50 employees.

“We’re open late at the factory on Mondays and Thursdays and even open on Saturdays,” Slack said. “We’re open anytime. If there’s an emergency, someone can call us on our cell or at home.”

The team at Bicknell takes pride in their old fashioned values by staying in touch and keeping a close relationship with their customers making sure they’re always satisfied.

“We make sure to help those that get off the beaten path and help them get back into contention for a win,” he said. “We have first year rookie customers winning races and veterans like Denny Soltis at age 74 winning races. That’s really satisfying.”

With the astounding year Bicknell has been having, they’re drivers will be the cars to beat at the fast Clay Palace.

“I never expect to win a race,” mentioned Slack. “I expect that we will do our best for our customers to try to win that race. I only have confidence saying that we have done the best we can to supply our customers with the best product we can.”

Typical races run anywhere from 30 to 100 laps. Super DIRT Week is not your typical Saturday night show.

“The long distance races are a gamble,” Slack said. “So many demons show up during these events; a lot of the times because some guys are running stuff they ran all year and it’s tired or the main reason is nobody knows how their car will perform or stand up in a 200 lap race simply because we never run them.”

Slack takes pride in not only the success of the business but also their drivers. He understands that, “you can’t win without great drivers and drivers can’t win without great products.”

During Super DIRT Week drivers and fans will be able to find Bicknell on manufacturers row by the track entrance in turn three.

“Randy Williamson, Ted Curvin, Billy Van Pelt, Tyler Puchalski and myself will be in the tent,” Slack said. “I usually look after all the emergencies outside of the tent with customers. I’ll have a golf cart that I’ll go place to place to help guys that need it.”

This year Bicknell will have a concrete pad poured with two complete scale racks set up. They will be open to scale customers from 8am until the last car rolls out of the tent at no charge.

“We have enough equipment with us to repair almost anything and our abilities get tested every year,” he said. “The record one year was seven front clips and one rear.”

Slack mentioned having a few parts trucks that will be on hand for any extra inventory that will be needed – Andy’s Speed Shop and Number 1 Speed Equipment.

“I take my hat off to those guys in the tent,” added Slack. “They just never stop. The line can get long but they always have their head down and hustle to get cars scaled. I have seen them scale other brands of chassis’ numerous times over the years and I have seen lots of those guys buy chassis’ from us later on down the road.”

Slack realizes that in the grand scheme of things, “we’re all just a bunch of racers and no matter what chassis you have, it pays to work together.”

The team at Bicknell believes their success comes down to customer service, the quality of their product and their drive to succeed.

For the drivers, teams and fans that would like to purchase Bicknell apparel, there will be apparel for sale in the tent at manufacturers row. For those that don’t make their way to the tent they will have their apparel trailer fully stocked by the main grandstands on the front stretch. Make sure to look for the big lit up Bicknell sign and grab some fresh Bicknell gear.

For more information on Bicknell Racing Products, visit their website at Make sure to follow them on Facebook at and on twitter at @BicknellRacing.

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