Bicknell Teams Lead The Way

8/25/2017 - 10:42:28 AM

The championship chases are heating up with only a handful of races remaining this season.


An abundance of Bicknell Racing Products drivers are looking strong heading down the homestretch of the 2017 title chase.


Last year Bicknell Racing products captured 48 of a possible 76 track championships.


Out of 76 possible track championships up for grabs throughout the northeast this season, 51 Bicknell drivers are in contention to grab a track championship.


That is a probable increase of 4% from 2016 heading into these closing weeks.


“I know we have very good cars, teams and drivers and I know their packages are good whether its their motor pick or shock pick,” said Bicknell partner Randy Williamson. “We have a variety of guys running all sorts of different packages that are all winning races.”


As the points chase winds down at all drivers home tracks, ten Bicknell drivers are looking to keep their title momentum going from 2016. Among the ten are Ryan Watt –Big Block Modified at Bridgeport Speedway, Billy Dunn – 358 Modified at Can Am Speedway, Larry Wight – Big Block Modified at Fulton Speedway, Craig Von Dohren – 358 Modified at Grandview Speedway, Mat Williamson – Big Block Modified at Lernerville Speedway, Jimmy Holden – 358 Modified at Mercer Raceway Park, Kyle Inman – Sportsman at Genesee Raceway, Brian White – Sportsman at Thunder Mountain Speedway, Matt Sheppard – Big Block Modified at Utica-Rome Speedway and Billy Van Pelt – 358 Modified at Woodhull Speedway.


Williamson mentioned their success goes back to how they build their racecars. Many of Bicknell Racing Products employees have been with them for over 20 years. “I’m very proud of all of our drivers and teams, but I also have to be equally as proud of my employees.”


Without a strong team there would be no success.


“I always say if you find magic don’t give me your magic,” laughed Williamson. “I don’t know most guys setup. There are some drivers that will open up to me and give it to me but that doesn’t mean that their setup will work for someone else.”


Sheppard has been nothing but dominant in his Bicknell cars everywhere he goes. What’s his secret?


“Matt Sheppard and Mat Williamson are good friends,” Williamson said. “Matt Sheppard had given Williamson his setup and Williamson can’t drive it. Yes, everyone wants to drive like Matt Sheppard but at the same time what he does may not work for everyone else. It’s like starting out with Mike Mahaney and Ryan Godown who are two great drivers as well. I send them page one in our bible. There’s no magic to it.”


The team at Bicknell believe their success comes down to customer service, the quality of their product but also their drive to keep things within their page one aspect. “We like to keep things within a nucleus to make sure you don’t get too far away from page one.”


“If a guy buys a 2003 car or a 2013 car, all he has to do is send us his name, address, the serial number and the racetrack,” Williamson added. “It’s very important for the drivers to let me know what track they race at, what tires they’re on, what motor they have, if they run sail panels or not and their shock package. If they can give us that information we can give them a good baseline on where to start.”


The team at Bicknell takes pride in their old fashioned values by staying in touch and keeping a close relationship with their customers making sure they’re satisfied.


Bicknell set a new record this season by building 244 cars, surpassing their previous record of 237 back in 2004.


“It’s important that we put the best product out the door to the customer.”


On August 20th, Bicknell already started building their 2018 chassis.


“We go in with the attitude we’re going to win races,” Williamson stated.


It’s no secret the success Bicknell has. The stats don’t lie.


For more information on Bicknell Racing Products, visit their website at Make sure to follow them on Facebook at and on twitter at @BicknellRacing.

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