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As the end of the local racing scene draws to a close, Bicknell Racing Products is just starting to gear up for what they hope will be another successful season. 2017 was a record setting year for the ever growing business. Bicknell Racing Products built 244 cars, surpassing their last record set in 2004 of 237 cars.

“We have been averaging about 210 cars a year between 2005 until the end of the 2016 build season “explains Randy Williamson, part of the ownership team at Bicknell Racing Products. “ Myself, Bob and Pete are very grateful to all of our customers for their dedication and loyalty to BRP over the years”.

BRP has built a reputation for unprecedented customer service, something they take to heart. “It’s important that we put the best product out the door to the customer” says Williamson, “but it is just as important to ensure that the customer his happy 1 race in, 10 races in and so forth”.

Many of Bicknell Racing Products ideas for new products or chassis changes come from their customers.” They are the ones using our products every day” explains co-owner Bob Slack. “The most valuable information we have is our customers experiences. We want to continue to grow and continue to be #1 and we can’t do that without our customers help”.

It is not every day you come across a company that prides itself in old fashioned values. The way to stay on top of their game is to stay in touch with their customers. Williamson spends a good majority of his day on the phone, talking to customers about their finishes and set-up help. Slack and Williamson along with the man whose names the business originates from, Pete Bicknell, spend numerous hours each week at the St.Catharines Ontario location. Although the sign on the door says mon –fri 8-5:30, as I write this article it is Saturday morning at 8:19am and all 3 owners are here working, along with a few employees. Williamson is answering the phones, and our conversation falls around last night’s racing and the companies wins (they racked up another 6, adding to their already 617 wins on the year).

Bicknell Racing Products has now started building 2018 chassis and there is no looking back for the team. “We are already building car number 3 for 2018, which put us a few weeks ahead of schedule” says Williamson. They are already booked for car deliveries until the beginning of October. At nearly 7 cars built a week, the crew is in for another busy season, but they wouldn’t want it any other way.

The warm summer sun shines brightly over the building now, but tonight, as fans begin to file in to their local dirt track, the team at BRP hopes to add a few more to their win list. That is the other record they hope to break for the year. Last year saw customers pick-up just over 800 wins for the company, tonight they hope to inch that much closer and continue to prove why they are number 1.

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